Sounds of SFU

This is a musical video made up of sounds from around my university campus I worked on as Assistant Multimedia Editor at The Peak. The audio was compiled and mixed by the lead Multimedia Editor, then I captured all the footage and edited it to sync with the audio.

Published Jul 22 2019

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This video came to fruition during the last few weeks of my Summer 2019 term as Assistant Multimedia Editor for Simon Fraser University’s independent student newspaper, The Peak. I was inspired by the music videos of YouTubers like Andrew Huang and Joe Pena. We wanted to make a video in a similar style, but with an SFU focussed twist. At the time, SFU was undergoing major re-construction, so it was kind of a humorous, yet cynical soundscape about the current state of our campus.

The lead Multimedia Editor had more experience creating music/beats using digital audio software so she developed the audio/music/beat of the video. When the audio was done, I was given a few versions of the file with various isolated layers so I could hear each source independently, as well as this reference image:



We initially planned for different visual, as opposed to a video clip associated with each sound. But alas, after the audio was created I had to go around campus and record video of each sound source. Next, I basically had to recreate the audio tracks with the video versions of each, which was very slow and gruelling as I had to sync over 20 unique repeating clips.

I’d synced up every video clip with their respective sounds, I had to go through again, cropping and moving each clip into various arrangements based on what sounds were playing. At the same time I wanted to build up the amount of clips in frame at once to create a visual sense of progression. I think I was chipping away at editing this video for nearly 2 weeks by the time I finished.



With the way the lead Multimedia Editor and I had a audio handoff, I can’t image we could have improved the process and time it took to create this video. Unless either of us was able to create the beat/music using the video clips themselves, but then the audio wouldn’t have turned out as well as it did. Creating a rhythmic soundscape and a video are really quite different and this is the way it had to be created. In the end I think it was worth it, it was one of our most viewed videos for the entire year and we received a lot of positive feedback about it!