Production Team

Marcus Blackstock
Dylan Chan
Zach Fan


Hatago Marlin Priebe
Marcus D'Sena
Zach Fan


In this short thriller, a young student wakes up in the trunk of a moving car. Fearful of what’s to come, he attempts to escape his hostile captors.


Wins - IAT202 Spring 2017
  • Best Film (tied)
  • Best Editing

Nominations - IAT202 Spring 2017
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Male in a Leading Role
  • Best Thriller
  • Best Action


In the Spring term of 2017, in a class titled IAT202 New Media Images, as groups of 3-5 we were tasked to create a 5-8 minute narrative short film over about 5 weeks. This timeframe included all the process from conception to scripting, storyboarding, and principle photography.


This project really took off based on my idea that filming in an enclosed space with very little/no light would be challenging and fun. The film Buried (2010) was a core inspiration for knowing what was possible with this type of film. If Hollywood could follow one character in a coffin for 90 minutes, we could do at least 5 minutes.

Production included the developing a script, shotlist, storyboards, and moodboard in the first 2 weeks. This was followed by 2 weeks to film for a screening of a rough edit, and a final week for reshoots.

Moodboard - sets the tone we wanted to aim for during production

Several problems arose throughout production, mainly scheduling conflicts and weather delays. The amount of time where cast and crew were available each week was very short, which required a lot of quick action when it came to filming. This, combined with the bad weather we experienced on the earlier shoots made finishing the film on time a concern. However, mainly to our solid planning with several script, a shotlist, storyboards, and the use of 2 cameras, we were able to get the coverage and shots we needed by the screening dates.

Set photos


As seen in the accolades, the film was well received, notably for the acting, action scenes, and success in filming low light scenarios. The rough edit screening allowed us to pinpoint what needed to be improved and reshot, which was a great help. One thing I wish we could have done, was have makeup to increase the realism of the later acts, but the tight shooting schedules were stressful enough to plan and execute without a makeup crew member.

There is also potential to submit the film to additional film festivals to see how it holds up outside of our course bubble.