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Summer 2019

Graphic Design
Web Design


I was contracted to work on the branding for a new platform focussed on community-driven air travel advice. I worked with the founder to develop a logo, styleguide, and a website over about four weeks. The website and brand were launched publicly by the middle of June 2019.

The project came to me with the company name and direction already established. So I needed to make this vision a reality.



Obviously I needed to start with the logo before even thinking about developing the website. The prompt I had to work from was an air-travel focussed brand with a flamingo mascot. Of course there plenty of existing air travel brands, so there was a lot of inspiration and trends I was able to look at. I started sketching flamingos right away because I needed to understand what makes a flamingo look like itself, so when creating a logo I am able to portray the animal in abstract or simplified ways. I knew the logo and accompanying font had to convey motion or even flight, among other things. So I created a list of attributes I wanted to achieve with the branding, and starting sketching out any type of idea or style I could muster. A flying or moving flamingo seemed the way to go to convey the intended aesthetics.


At the same time, I compiled a list of possible fonts to use for both the logo and the body copy of the brand. My client and I created a collaborative document with dozens of fonts we picked, which we annotated until we found a font we agreed matched the aesthetic tone we wanted.



I would show nearly all my digital iterations to my client to see what direction they liked best before diving super deep into any version in particular. I think I went through 4 or 5 cycles of sending in all my digital iterations by the time we got to the final version. Dozens of minor tweaks and general polish/alignments gradually dictated the final logo. I used the font we had picked as an influence into the weight and angle of the logo itself to give it a sense of motion.

There were some notable challenges between the client and I about how the flamingo should look. The client wanted red to be more prominent than pink in the grand scheme of things. As well, the client noticed that the flamingo didn’t look like it was running because of the way the legs were drawn. Based on this feedback, I ran the idea by a friend who agreed that the flamingo should have human-style legs with forward-facing knees, so I went along with this change. And I just kept the pink flamingo as an alternative logo, should an opportunity arise to use it.


The website was pretty straight forward once the branding was established. Since we had fonts and colours established by that point it was just a matter of building a site. The client and I found stock photos that we liked, and I color corrected them to match each other and the pink/red colour scheme. I was able to use the pink flamingo for a graphic on the site as a counterpart to the main red flamingo, so that worked out wonderfully.


Flymigos was a fun project. I was able to challenge myself to design a brand basically from ground zero. I think it went pretty smoothly, and I had done a few smaller logo commissions before this, so I was confident in my ability to deliver. If I were to change anything I still would’ve liked to portray the flamingo as flying in some way more than I did. As well, I think the guidelines I created are very basic and non-scalable at the moment. This project may continue in the future though, so I may have a chance to improve the branding even more.