Game Design Project

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Summer 2016-Spring 2017

Graphic Design


EMUrgency (Extravehicular Mobility Unit routine gone extremely not cool yo) is a space-themed Android game I developed in my spare time over several months starting in late August 2016. I was expanding upon skills developed in IAT courses such as Animated Intro to Programming and Digital Games. I had been slowly developing it and I published v1.0 on Google Play on February 2nd, 2017.


EMUrgency was created entirely with Processing 3’s Android development mode. When I started the project I already had several courses worth of experience creating various applications and games with Processing and I was interested in applying that knowledge to the mobile platform.

The UI system I implemented for the EMUrgency's menus uses Cards_UI by Lucas Cassiano from MIT.

Character Sketches
Final sketches of the player


The gameplay of EMUrgency most closely resembles endless runner type games in it’s procedural challenge. However, the gameplay was result of my approach to creating a Processing game for Android, from the controls perspective. The most popular mobile games commonly use very minimal input while also giving the player freedom to control the game by touching anywhere on the screen instead of using virtual buttons.

I took this idea to create a character that moves towards the player touching anywhere on the screen, and I found that removing any properties of constant friction and de-acceleration was similar to a zero-gravity situation. Running with this idea I decided to continue development with the space-theme seen in the published project.

Graphical iterations of EMUrgency


I decided to use an 8-bit style so I could easily create cohesive visuals across the gameplay and menu systems. I found a great 8-bit earth render by Michael J. Pierce to use in the background, which really livened up the game's background and (lack of) atmosphere. The particle effects and starry background are generated in Processing with code, but the rest of the graphics were made by hand with photoshop.

Sprites1 Sprites2
In-game sprites


Creating EMUrgency has given me an even more in depth look at what it takes to develop a game in comparison to any of the games I had made previously. Because EMUrgency is available on many different devices, I had to develop the game to adjust accordingly to various screen sizes, and work with the constraints of Android apps.

And there is still so much work that can be done, as the game still lacks music, sound effects, and many other features I wanted to implement to create a more captivating experience.