UX / Graphic Design Co-op

Spring-Summer 2018

UX Design
Graphic Design

From Janurary-August 2018 (8 month co-op), I was the sole designer tasked with designing Plasmatic Technologies' Alana Connected Home mobile app. Alana is aimed to provide customers with a comprehensive way to view and manage their connected home and receive useful insights from service providers. This project consisted of working with the company partners and development team to create a coherent, plausible, and visually pleasing series of mobile application screen mockups for the development team to create and iterate upon.

I was brought onto the team to work on the app, there we're previous co-op students who had developed a notable amount of mockups that led the initial phases of the apps development, paving the way for the overall structure in the front and back-ends. I was brought on to further build, refine, and optimize the experience that was laid out before me.

For more info on this project, send me an email and we can chat!